Monday, June 12, 2006

Changing the Project version from VS.NET 2003 to VS.NET 2002

When we open our VS.NET 2002 project file in VS.NET 2003 then the IDE will ask for converting the project from VS.NET 2002 to VS.NET 2003 solution. But after converting the solution to VS.NET 2003 can we convert back to VS.NET 2002?

Yes it is possible. The difference between the project is only few configuration tags value and different version identifiers.

Step 1:
Modify the Solution Files Change the first line of the solution files from “Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 8.00” to “Microsoft Visual Studio Solution File, Format Version 7.00”

Step 2: Modify the Project Files.

ProjectType = "Local"
ProductVersion = "7.10.3707"
SchemaVersion = "2.0"
ProjectGuid = "{20502969-7071-4065-BDB5-09EDB3C31E3C}">

Change the above lines to the following lines:
ProjectType = "Local"
ProductVersion = "7.0.9466"
SchemaVersion = "1.0"
ProjectGuid = "{20502969-7071-4065-BDB5-09EDB3C31E3C}">

Beaware of the ProjectGuid, it should be same with actual ones.


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